Sharing Sweet Moments With Family

This morning a client came through my door with this story. It was wonderful to share in her excitement and happiness.

“My heart is so full, Suzanne! You’ll never guess what happened this week – my brother called from New England and said he had woken up on Saturday with the feeling that he really wanted to come down for a visit this week. The house was a mess, but it felt right to me too, so I cleared what I could and went for it. He drove down by himself on Sunday evening – ten hours – and was here for a day and a half. He got to spend alone time with mom and we had a wonderful impromptu Christmas dinner together. He thanked me for all that I am doing with mom, and we got to talk about things we haven’t shared in years. When he left this morning I felt so full. It was such a rich, nourishing visit.”

This is a wonderful example of someone listening to their heart and taking an action to follow it through. If anyone in this family had been too rigid or required that everything be planned out in advance, it would never have happened. Yet it did, and their whole Christmas experience is the better for it.

Allow yourself to enjoy the unexpected this holiday season, if you dare. And, enjoy!

Please Note: Every session or interchange described by Suzanne in this blog has been done with the express permission of the individual(s) involved, or has been changed significantly so as to protect the person’s privacy. Where a person’s actual name is used, it is done with their full permission, often with a link to their own blog post about the session.


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