Shakti Gawain’s New Book

One of the angels who helped me get my book published through New World Library, Shakti Gawain, has recently come out with a new book on relationships. Her writing has touched thousands across the years and I have no doubt that this book will as well. Here is the information about it.

Countless psychologists and teachers, with a variety of perspectives and different types of wisdom, focus on helping people improve their relationships. Many of these teachers are extremely effective and helpful to their clients, but they usually focus on fixing the relationship itself.


In The Relationship Handbook: A Path to Consciousness, Healing, and Growth (New World Library, November 1, 2014), beloved bestselling author Shakti Gawain, and her coteacher for many years Gina Vucci, offer a different approach. They explain how relationships of all kinds — from romantic partners to coworkers to family and friends — can be our greatest teachers, if we know how to view them in the right way. Their approach shifts the focus away from relationships themselves and looks instead at the lessons they can teach us about ourselves.


“When we view relationships as a path of consciousness, we recognize that the most important relationship we have is with ourselves,” write Shakti and Gina. “Ultimately, this is our primary relationship, the one that provides the foundation for the rest of our life. All other relationships are mirrors reflecting back to us what we may or may not know about ourselves. The process of using these reflections to learn about our development and ourselves helps us to become conscious, integrated beings. And each of our relationships, when viewed in this way, can become a powerful journey into healing and wholeness.”


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