Shadow and Projection – Do You Welcome Them to the Party?

This is a great topic for anyone wanting to be more present in their lives with more of themselves on board. It also increases energy stores and can fuel compassion and joy like no other practice.

What am I speaking of? Owning and befriending your shadow sides – the stuff you most likely project out onto the world as bad, unacceptable and at times down right evil. It is not to say that these bad things do not exist in the world. However, when you find parts of yourself hidden away, pushing you to do certain behaviors from the shadows – meaning without any conscious awareness of why you are takng that action or speaking in that way – then life falls out of integrity and your full body presence drops significantly.

So…my Admin. Goddess, Christy Allison sent me this link to a truly charming and delightful introduction and explanation of Shadow material. Here is the LINK . Click on it if you dare!

And, enjoy!


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