Saying Goodbye to An Old Friend


You slipped out of your skin as you slept last night,
Right off your bones and into spirit you went,
Felt your presence all weekend before the final moment
and wondered what you were up to…

A wave of sadness washes over me
realizing I will never see you again,
No more sweet kisses on my cheek as we share a closing circle
passing the kiss from cheek to cheek all the way around.
No more potent words over dinner together at the end of long day of class.

A wave of sweet gratitude washes through me
Remembering all our times together.
Dear teacher, mentor, colleague, friend
Wise woman full of life – I love you.

And in walking this path with you, 
I learned to love forgotten parts of myself
my fluidity, my sensuality, my power to be
more fully present in all that I am – thank you.

Your legacy lives on,
and I will honor your memory and your work
for years to come
as it lives in every corner of my days…

Emilie – may your spirit soar free
on the wings of the love of your community.


7 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to An Old Friend

  1. Suzanne and all who knew and loved Emilie,

    The passing of a truly great and memorable woman who touches many lives with her spirit and vision and energy. My life is enriched because of her and those inspired by her, including Suzanne.



  2. Suzanne, I heard earlier about Em’s passing. Tuning in over the weekend, I was not surprised, as she felt so tenuously anchored. Thank you for your words, as they bring into some focus what I have been feeling since I first heard that Em had “slipped out of her skin”. Emilie’s work will continue in those of us who dive in Continuum, and her work will be carried forth by many wonderful teachers. And while I miss her deeply, I choose to believe she is now diving in the cosmic anatomy with no need to return any time soon. Tears of sadness and sweetness, and a celebration in the cosmos.

  3. I am so sad but I see Emile dancing and happy she had such a wonderful life with her friend. Hugs and Love Carol

  4. What a beautiful poem – I am so sorry for your loss. I know she will continue to live on through you and your teachings.

  5. When I first read this blog my first reaction was “no, it can’t be”. As I read, with a heavy heart, disbelief became realization that in fact it was truth. I signed up for Emilie’s Continuum Movement – Our Bodies . . . the Emergent Frontier last year during early April and it was cancelled due to not enough numbers. I feel such sadness knowing I will never meet and experience this woman’s spirit and love in person. I only knew of Emilie through you Suzanne. My heart truly feels the loss of one whom I was not destined to meet in this lifetime. My heartfelt thoughts and loving prayers are with you and all who loved Emilie. Love, hugs and blessings.

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