Saying Farewell to Esalen

September 25, 2014

Today is the last day of my monthlong Presence and Leadership training and it has been a rich, fruitful time spent with this wonderful group of work scholars – I can honestly say that I have loved them, one and all. It has been marvelous to get to experience my core body of work across a whole month – and to see all the powerful applications for leadership that the work has. I am sad to be letting them go, and yet excited to hear from them how the work continues to touch their lives.

And then there is the issue of saying farewell to Esalen itself – the land, the ocean, the wind and sun, the mineral baths, the delicious meals, the drumming and singing at night around the fire, the long conversations at meals, the new learning from other teachers, the company of other likeminded fellow journeyers.

I will miss all of this!


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