San Francisco is Fabulous

July 20 and 21, 2011

Due to difficulties in getting online while traveling (most of the airlines do not yet have online access while in the air) I am posting a blog for two days. Also, as some of you astute readers may have noticed, I have decided to have a day of rest in every week, Sunday, from blogging. Need to keep a healthy balance between creative expression and resting in my life!

Yesterday I arrived in San Francisco to crystal-clear blue skies and cool, cool breezes. It is heavenly. I have a life-long love affair going with this city. My body – especially my heart and lungs – love this climate. Excellent food can be found almost everywhere I look. And the hills wake up my legs and get everything moving better.

A good friend picked me up at SFO and we are ensconced in her sweet, nest like studio apartment, complete with her richly colored cones of yarn and her weaving loom.

Within an hour of having my feet on the ground, a huge hawk greeted us overhead – swooping and calling – with wild parrots squawking all around it (probably trying to protect something!) As we walked all over the Presidio National Park in the afternoon sun, I would have sworn it was shining more brightly and clearly than I have ever experienced it before. Must have something to do with the sea air and negative ions. I was experiencing a gentle elation just walking around breathing deeply!

Then we saw the latest Harry Potter movie last night. I was struck by how well those films have conveyed the power of the feminine field – that diffuse, ever-present nurturing aspect of the sea of energy that we all exist within. Despite the fact that the film veered off the book, I felt as though the intent of her writing was honored and the acting was the best yet. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I would recommend it to everyone.

Today we are headed out to Crissy Field to drink in this incredible day. I am trying to learn how to post photos with my blog. If I get it right, you will have some great photos to enjoy tomorrow!

I am sending cool, sunny Pacific breezes your way. What wonderful, nurturing things are you doing for yourself today?


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