Ruth Buczynski and Bessel van de Kolk

Today my compliments go to Ruth Buczynski, President of The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine ( on a recent report she sent me.

Out of an interview with Bessel van de Kolk she has synthesized a report entitled Four Concrete Steps For Working With Trauma. It takes the core of what he talks about in his seminal book, The Body Keeps the Score, and summarizes it beautifully. I love when vast issues like trauma recovery are presented in such a simple, understandable manner. There is a lot packed into this short report.

As I read the report I was also struck by the fact that all the steps she talks about in her report are found in the Healing From the Core trainings –  from the first step of learning Self-Regulation, to Step two: Taking Steps Toward Self Empowerment, Step Three of learning to express one’s inner experience, and the last step of integrating all our senses through rhythm. Different words but the same underlying concepts.

Bravo Ruth! To read the report for yourself click on this LINK.


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