Riding the Waves

As the northeast coastline is being inundated by this huge storm, I am reflecting on how this week of events is washing through me. Water – this week is about the element of water in all of it’s many faces.

First there is the wetness of the grief of Dr. John’s passing in the early morning of October 26th. The waves of loss and gratitude have rippled throughout the CranioSacral world all week, and through me as I have taught. It is interesting that he left on the eve of a huge storm of epic proportions.

The workshop with Emilie Conrad has been the best ever in many respects. Her passion and clarity are showing up this year like never before and we are all riding the wave of her connection to what she calls the biosphere – the element of water as it moves through all of life. New students and long time students are diving in and benefiting. We are all ‘catching the wave’ in one way or another. If you would like to catch it as well, through the film of the class, click this link to order the DVD set. More on that later.

Then we have Sandy – through and around and under it all, insert one HUGE storm into this week of letting the wetness of grief flow, and riding our inner waves of connection to the biosphere. Insert the anxiety and ‘fear of the unknown’ that happens for most people when this much water and wind and chaos bears down upon us.

I have taken this opportunity to ‘hitch a ride’ with this massive flow of water, rather than fighting with it, running from it, or in some way pushing it away. It has been a fascinating experience. In class yesterday I experienced my deepest opening in movement so far ever in Continuum. It was magical and delicious. I like this experience of ‘connecting with’ rather than ‘fighting with’ the element of water, all while taking steps to be safe and practical.

So the winds are dying down here. We have one more day of moving and breathing and hands-on work to augment it all. We’ve adjusted the hours to ride the storm out more safely, as we did yesterday. Looking forward to what the day brings!


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