Rich With Inspiration

As the CranioSacral Immune Response class wrapped up yesterday I was very inspired by what had transpired in those four days and what the students were taking home for their clients and patients. The last day begins with a huge lecture and discussion about what happens when the immune system goes awry – auto immune disorders, cancer, viruses that inundate the system like AIDS, and chronic inflammation that can lead to serious illness of all kinds. It was fascinating and eye opening. The healing that came out of the sessions in the afternoon was wonderful. I am excited to continue to explore this whole arena in more depth with my clients when the need arises.

AND, I will be teaching this same inspiring class, CranioSacral Immune Response (CSIR), thisĀ August 9 -12, 2012 in Reston, VA and I invite all of you who are eligible to join me for it. I am really inspired and excited about the possibilities and the healing that can occur with this work.

See you there!


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