Returning Home

How do we come home after a week of inspiring learning and re-integrate back into our normal daily lives? It is often a challenge for me. At first, years ago, I thought it was that all those people at home were just out of it.

Recently, I have realized that for me it is has more to do with coming out of an experience that is a condensed and heart-rich with new stimuli, back into the familiar – the good, the bad and the ugly.

What I also realized is that my family has not been away with me in this rich, filling environment, so they tend to pick up right where we left off with whatever argument or craziness was going on when I left. And, it is up to me to be the largest coherent presence because I am the one who has expanded and grown and can see another way to be together.

As I hold a coherent space and let the old patterns peter out without engaging in them, it becomes easier. I am enjoying the good parts of the familiar as they rise to the surface.

Re-entry is often a challenge – how about you?


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