Leadership & Presence

Residential Study Program

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Leadership & Presence

September 1-29, 2019

A Residential Program of
The Esalen Institute
Big Sur, California

Suzanne Scurlock, Instructor

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About Residential Study Programs

Presence is the hidden key to successful leadership.

The more present we are in ourselves, the more present we can be with someone else.

This monthlong program offers experiential work designed to help you pay attention to the subtle cues you receive from your body and the surrounding environment all the time.

This will give you access to your own, highly valuable inner landscape — the wisdom of your body-mind-spirit, which significantly enhances your ability to be more fully present as a leader.

In this month we will share how to:

• Assess your energy reservoir and refill when you are depleted
• Increase your capacity to be present versus doing all the time
• Grow awareness of, but not absorb, the emotions of others
• Make healthy connections (empathy versus sympathy)
• Stay openhearted and clearheaded
• Have more powerful leadership conversations

Do you rely on your gut instinct? Or trust the guidance of your heart?

Or seek wisdom from your bones? (An idea most people find bizarre until they discover how to activate it!)

Your body is extremely wise… with six unique (and often underutilized) wisdom centers.

This innate wisdom can guide you to take right action when you’re confused… settle you in times of overwhelm… and help you get clear and centered (and stay there!) even in the craziest of situations.

Yet, when you cut off your body’s innate knowing, you also block your most reliable resource for keeping yourself safe, calm, and grounded.

Your body doesn’t lie. The sensations you feel are spontaneous. They don’t stop to rationalize, judge, or censor — that’s your mind taking over, attempting to deal with stress, keep you safe, push away pain, or otherwise cope. And that is not sustainable, especially in the challenging times we live in.

So how can you harness your body’s wisdom so you can regroup, recenter… and respond in new ways to old and new stress?

This powerful, 60-minute mini-workshop with leading conscious awareness instructor Suzanne Scurlock will help you start to find your way back to this inner compass.

Whether you’re in an election season, the holiday season, or a season of change… there’s a greater potential for discord at the dinner table this time of year. Differing political views among your loved ones, friends and in the collective, can stress your body, mind, emotions, and relationships.

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Suzanne’s Annual Workshop for Women Comes to the East Coast!

Suzanne’s Annual Workshop for Women

Comes to the East Coast!

Healing the Pelvic Floor:
Reclaiming Your Power, Sexuality & Pleasure Potential

April 17 – 22
OM Sanctuary
Asheville, North Carolina
Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, Instructor
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Ready to Reclaim Your Power, Sexuality and Pleasure Potential?

You have a unique power of creativity in your reproductive system — not only to foster new life, but to bring fulfilling new projects into being.

Unfortunately that energy is often blocked by physical, emotional or spiritual trauma to the pelvic floor and the female organs.

In this course — for women only — you’ll take a safe and sacred journey to heal the pelvic floor, which often holds our deepest wounds, and our greatest wisdom.

And you’ll leave with a whole new sense of pleasure and empowerment in being a women.

It’s Your Power. Own It!

Click to learn more about the workshop in Asheville — or coming in July at the Esalen Institute.

Did You Know? Skills to Energize Your Life is for everyone!

Hands framing a sunset

Our next HFSEL course is coming up November 10-11 at Mind Your Body in Carle Place, NY. Learn more and Register today!

Full Body Presence: Skills to Energize Your Life (HFSEL) is a weekend workshop designed for a broad spectrum of people and professionals, including teachers, parents and other caregivers, business managers and leaders, and members of the lay public. It offers practical skills for maintaining healthy boundaries in one’s life, as well as tools for re-charging your system, enabling you to remain energized throughout the day, no matter what presents itself.

For healthcare professionals, HFSEL offers practical skills today that can be used in your practice immediately, enhancing your therapeutic presence and boosting client and patient outcomes. We couldn’t fit these handy tools in the four day Grounding & Healthy Boundaries, so we gave them a workshop all their own!

No matter who you are, this workshop is packed with useful skills for rejuvenating your mind, body and soul without taking a lot of time away from your busy life.