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Accessing Your Body’s ‘Yes’ as a Path to Healing:
How to Align With Your Body-Health-Nature Intelligence for Total Wellbeing

So many of us are facing widespread health issues these days –– from high stress levels to anxiety, fatigue, depression, food cravings, and many other addictions.

Even the most common health complaints aren’t easily explained by Western medicine. However, Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams (someone I personally have profound respect for and would trust with my life — she’s that good!) … views these conditions as puzzles that can be solved — through the body’s wisdom…

In fact, your body can communicate and then guide you in healing many common disorders, and even holds wisdom that can help you transform your genetic expression.

On this FREE video event, Dr. Rachel will help you begin to hear your body’s wise “YES” (or “no”) so the health decisions you make bring you healing, balance, and radiant vitality.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how to make intuitive, healthy choices about everything from what you eat to the people you spend time with — and restore your body’s natural ecosystem in the process!

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Suzanne’s Workshop for Women returns to Esalen this Summer

Healing the Pelvic Floor:
Reclaiming Your Power, Sexuality and Pleasure Potential

July 29 – August 5

The Esalen Institute
Big Sur, California

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, Instructor

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Feminine Healing With the Power of Nature

Imagine doing your deepest healing on a sacred circle of women in the magical beauty of Big Sur, at the Esalen Institute.

A place committed to transformation and explanding human potential, it is renowned for its gardens, groudns and natural hot springs – all overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

It’s also home to our Healing the Pelvic Floor Workshop for Women on July 29 – August 5.

Come immerse yourself. And discover how your connection to the Earth strengthens your connection to yourself. Reclaim your power, sexuality and pleasure potential.

Our time together will culminate with a private women’s evening of nurturing in Esalen’s celebrated baths overlooking the ocean.

It’s a rare opportunity that only comes along once a year.

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Watch Suzanne discuss Healing the Pelvic Floor in this short video
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