Remembering Sarah


Heart warm from the weight of her soft sleeping body

Tired arms from cradling her there all night

The hours of half moon darkness drift by

In and out of sleeping we go together

Slowly she lets go of the fear of the unknown

Relaxing into this mysterious process of dying

Trusting her connection to me

More as each moment passes

And I, being cracked wide open

With equal parts love and grief,

Trusting the process of this deep connection, too.


Reaching across the Atlantic for her other people

They tell her how deeply they have loved her

They stroke her with their voices

Carrying so much love across such a distance

Saying goodbye through wet waves of tears

The grief washes over us all

As we feel the precious minutes tick by

Until her hour of release arrives.


Full of the love of her family circle – her people,

She seems prepared and ready somehow.

The time has arrived and

Her small voice signals us,


“Carry me to the threshold please,

For I can no longer walk on my own

I trust you to carry me gently and carefully

I trust you to be courageous enough to let me go

When my moment arrives.”

And we do, with tears streaming.


Her loud purr will be remembered for long time to come.

Her insistent call to the world to stop and sit down

So she could hop up to connect with you.

Her gentle companionship wherever we might rest down.

At bed time, awakening in the night, or early in the morning.

Her gently purring presence was there to say,

“Remember me – your companion, your warm, furry friend.”

Late afternoon naps on the couch will never be the same.

She would find a curve in your body somewhere and nestle in.

C.O.L. (cat on lap) was a valid excuse to not move

Honored by everyone in the house.

And her insistent cry to go “OOOUT” could not to be ignored.


Sweet sister cat furry love bundle purring machine

Your memory will live on in our family – your love and connection

Felt in our hearts for years to come.

Thank you, sweet Sarah.



5 thoughts on “Remembering Sarah

  1. “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard” -A.A. Milne. I will forever be grateful for the 17 beautiful years that Sarah loved us wholeheartedly and unconditionally.

  2. Kate Mackinnon

    What a beautiful poem that moved me to tears. Sweet dreams and travels to Sarah and hugs to you and your family.

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