Reflections on The Breath of Life

As I reflect on the last week here in London, I feel deep gratitude for the grace and generosity that were present in the 2013 Breath of Life Conference.  Before flying out this morning I sat for an hour with Emilie Conrad and we both remarked on the harmony present in this gathering. It felt as though some greater force was at work, gathering these particular speakers and participants for this time together.

I remember feeling a similar harmonious resonance at the 2012 Beyond the Dura conference in Florida. Many people there remarked on it as well. Perhaps it is a coming of age for what we do as CranioSacral therapists and caregivers of those who have survived trauma.

At the close of Peter Levine’s workshop yesterday, Michael Kern charged us with “stepping up” and out into the culture with what we know about the body and about healing trauma. With Stephen Porge’s presentation we heard the leading edge of some of the best research on how the brain and body operate optimally. With Peter Levine’s work we saw it in action through the door of Somatic Experiencing.

This entire conference was an exciting time. It gives me hope for what is to come, as we take action, utilizing our skills and being compassionate, strong forces for good in our turbulent world.


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