Reclaiming Your Body becomes Real

Hi All,

Reporting in on Day #18, from Sydney Australia on what my travel companions, Dr. Gary Dotson and his wife Fran are now calling “The World Wide Presence Tour.” It has been so interesting  – our travels and travails thus far – from many parts of New Zealand in all its beauty and volatility – as in exquisite beauty and extreme volatility! Christchurch where we were based for 10 days experienced a 5.2 earthquake and then raging wild fires that threatened the home of our sponsor, Xanthe. All in that short time period!

Most of you have seen the photos of Christchurch, Akaroa and some of the other beauty – now help me celebrate the following photo – it is me completing the proofing edits on my next book, Reclaiming Your Body, right here in our apartment in Surrey Hills, Sydney, Australia, just minutes ago – woohoo! It will be published in mid-June and is available for pre-order on Amazon right now!


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