Reclaiming the Wisdom in Your Feet and Legs

When I was writing Reclaiming Your Body I was required to limit which Wisdom Areas of the body I wrote about (or the book would have been a LOT longer!) As an Upledger CranioSacral Instructor I have always taught about the intelligence and wisdom of every cell in the body. Given the right circumstances, they all have the capacity to heal, grow and transmit wisdom when needed.

So deciding which groups of cells, which “neighborhoods” if you will, I was going to feature was definitely a challenge. In the end, I chose six of them: the heart, the gut, the pelvis, the bones, the brain and the legs & feet. Of all of those areas, the one that puzzled people the most was the legs & feet. I had a lot of fun writing that chapter, all the while realizing that it would be a new awareness for most people. Since the book went to print, there have been multiple blogs, TED talks and even more research showing up about the wisdom of this area and how to activate it.

The TED talk link below is a wonderful example – only 5:25 long and entertaining too!



One thought on “Reclaiming the Wisdom in Your Feet and Legs

  1. Dear Suzanne, it is a bit off topic, but I wanted to leave you this. You inspired me to write this poem and the first lines are a direct quote from you. Lots of love and gratitude, Alia

    Trauma locks you out of your body and it keeps pushing you out
    Trauma freezes you
    Trauma can be big or small
    It can be remembered or forgotten
    It can be understood or unfathomable
    It can be sharp as a knife or dull like a stone hammer
    It can force you on your knees, spreadeagle you on your back or put you face down in the ground
    It can hang you by your hair or by your feet
    It can cut you into pieces, unable to reach inside or tie you shut, unable to reach outside
    It can leave you muted or in the scream of agony
    The trauma may have been done to you, to your mother, your sister, your fellow woman. It may have been done today or centuries ago. If it lives in your cells, then its yours.
    Yours to see, to hear, to listen to and to smell, to feel its texture and temperature, its size and its form, to pull it out of the dark and put it in your hand and weigh it
    And to say to yourself and to the world: I am whole, I am pure and it wasn’t my fault.
    And to know, that we are here with you, those who have healed, who are thriving, handing over our knowledge and looking out for you
    And to know, that we are here with you, those who will follow, because you led the way.

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