Release and Renewal in the New Year

As the holidays approach I find myself excited about the upcoming family time, good food and community gathering of this season. There is much that I love and enjoy about Christmas time.

And beyond that I am dreaming about the Release and Renewal training in Sedona, January 8 – 12, 2014.


I love the quiet time in the beauty and big skies of Sedona, after the rush of the holidays. I love getting to slow down and having a structure to relax into – one that allows me be in nature and with others.

Sedona 3

It really starts my year off right to set my intentions – my prayers – in a sacred way for the coming year. I am already beginning to dream on what those intentions will include.

I also love taking the time to get in touch with, and then let go of, what no longer works for me – whatever ‘excess baggage’ I may be unknowingly carrying.  I have become aware of several life long patterns that I am in the process of  shedding.  It will be nice to bring that to completion. I always come home from Sedona feeling lighter and freer.

I remember six years ago as I was struggling to complete my first book, Full Body Presence, I placed the manuscript on the altar and asked for support for it to come to fruition in that year. By September of that year it had happened.

Now, I am dreaming about what I want to place my intentions on this year. I can feel a new book ready to be born, and so I am asking for Spiritual help and guidance to take it to completion. I trust that it will take place in right time.

Ahhhh….Sedona. Quiet time in nature, sacred ceremony that honors the Native American Medicine Wheel and community to share it all – what better combination could I ask for?


What intentions will you be setting for the coming year? And what prayers will call them in? And how will you let go of what holds you back from those prayers and intentions?


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