Release and Renewal in the New Year

This year I am sharing my opening remarks from the HFC advanced training Release and Renewal – New Year Retreat that were delivered this morning. Sedona is exquisitely beautiful once again and I am deeply grateful to have this before us for the next 5 days!

“From what I am reading and hearing, 2015 is the year of LOVE – this energy or resonance inspires balance, healing and abundance.

It also intrudes and interrupts anything that is held in fear, shame or judgment. These three primarily keep all of us out of balance.

When you enter a room of darkness with a candle, the light of your candle rushes in, not the other way around – by introducing the energy of love to your whole being you can shift into a more full vibrant Soul filled you. By systematically searching out and finding the places in your life where there is imbalance – fear, judgment or shame – you can bring the resonance of Love to them.

Each of us has limiting beliefs that we hold as truths deep inside. We operate unknowingly from these beliefs. Here are some of the most popular ones I hear again and again in my trainings and treatment room.

Life is so hard.

Life is an overwhelming challenge.

Relationships are so much work – not worth it.

I will never have enough energy, money or time to really enjoy life.

There is something wrong with me and I need to hide it at all costs.

The world is out to get me and I need to be on red alert all the time.

This list could go on for days if we all cared to contribute.

The issue is that the change in consciousness – to one of LOVE rather than fear, shame and judgment – happens when we see where we are caught, recognize it for the illusion that it is, and release it – then the energy of LOVE naturally enters your being. These are three simple steps. Just because they are simple does not mean they are easy.

We are going to take these three steps and move into the energy LOVE in the next 5 days together. We will be utilizing the Native American Medicine Wheel as our guide, our template, our structure for listening and recognizing where we are caught right now, shaking those old trappings off, and stepping into what we truly want in our lives at the Soul level.

So sit back, get your feet on the ground – literally and figuratively – and this exquisite space of Sedona is a fabulous place to do that – and let’s get going.”


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