Quiet Time and the Present Moment

As I prepare for Expanding Present Moment Consciousness which begins tomorrow, I am taking my own introverted time to reflect on how this process of growth and consciousness occurs for different types of people. Healing occurs when we have quiet time to ourselves for reflection and journaling and napping and drawing and walking alone. It also occurs when we can feel connection to our world in a healthy, nurturing way through dialogue, sharing, being held, eating together, walking together, and spontaneous gatherings on the porch.

And so I am looking forward to this week, where all of that will be available at Claymont Court. I love taking this time to slow down, connect, and facilitate the healing process for others.

I also felt affirmed in the overall structure of my advanced workshops with the balance of quiet time and connected time when I watched Susan Cain’s TED.com talk on introversion and the power of being quiet. HERE IS THE LINK – enjoy!


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