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How this Little-Known Discovery Nikola Tesla Made in the Early 1900’s, Almost Instantly Turns Your Home, Office, Center or Practice into a Healing Sanctuary…

Not a lot of people know about this discovery, but it’s made a huge difference for me and so many of my colleagues and clients.

And that’s why I’m excited to share it with you…

First, a question:

How does the body’s electromagnetic field affect a person’s health?

Because the atom consists of 99% energy… and it’s the building block of the cell… we know the body is made up mostly of energy.

So what happens when this subtle, invisible energy field that enfolds and gives life to the body…

Is compromised by stress, negative emotions, environmental stresses (such as wifi and other man-made frequencies)?…

Image: Dr. Hunt in a blue blouse and white scarf sits at a desk with books and artwork on the wall behind her.

UCLA neurophysiologist, Dr. Valerie Hunt’s decades of research shows that disturbances in the body’s electromagnetic field, can be a primary contributor to disease.

In other words, the disease shows up first in the body’s electromagnetic field.

And from that point, once the electromagnetic field is affected in some way… THEN it elicits change in the body’s biochemistry.

So the question is:

How can we improve or change the body’s electromagnetic field… to prevent illness and disease?

Dr. Valerie Hunt’s research also shows…

The human energy field is composed of electromagnetic frequencies which pass through the body as waves of energy.

But there is also a form of electromagnetism that is organized differently…

The breakthrough discovery in the early 1900’s that changes everything…

A well-known, famous engineer, Nikola Tesla discovered a different form of energy, called the “Scalar wave”… which is capable of passing through matter from one side to another with no loss of field strength.

And according to the laws of physics, when this particular energy form exists in the body, it is called it a bioscalar wave.

Thanks to Dr. Valerie Hunt’s valuable research, we know the Scalar wave is healing for the body.

She says…

“I believe the creation of the bioscalar wave is the essential electromagnetic phenomenon of all healing procedures.”

In other words, Dr. Hunt found that:

ALL medical conditions are improved or eliminated by bioscalar energy, because this unique energy initiates a healing effect on the body’s electromagnetic field.

Where do we find scalar wave energy?

I’m going to show you one of my favorite devices that floods your space with the healing scalar wave…

And the best part is you just plug it in and you’re done!

This unique device does all the work, while you simply relax and enjoy all the life-restoring benefits.

What is this special device?

Image: QuantumField Inducer (QiFi Unit) on a purple background.

This unique device induces very subtle scalar waves to dissolve stress or disharmony from the atmosphere of your home, office, center, practice…

Turning your space into a healing sanctuary…

As it offers PROTECTION from EMFs, 4G and 5G, microwaves, smart meters & cell phone towers.

Suzanne Scurlock smiling, outdoors, wearing blue

I discovered this unit 4 years ago and I noticed almost immediately after plugging it in that it took a level of irritation out of my system that I wasn’t even aware of prior to plugging it in.

What I mean by this is that it was outside of my conscious awareness until removing it from my field… at which point I noticed a quiet but palpable peacefulness around me that was not there before.

It made such a difference, that I decided to order a second QiFi for my home office upstairs.

After over 4 years, I’m still using both QiFi units every day… and I love all the benefits, especially the peace of mind, knowing my body’s electromagnetic field is protected from all negative effects of the man-made energy frequencies around me.

That’s why I want to let you know about this special device… because of what it can do for you too.

To make it even more affordable and accessible for all who are interested, I have made a special arrangement with the company…

So I’m able to offer this unique product to you right now for over $400+ off the retail price.

Retail price: $1,400.00

Yours today: Only $995

Image: QuantumField Inducer (QiFi Unit) on a purple background.

Shipping to US and Canadian destinations is flat rate and includes tracking, full insurance, and signature required delivery.

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Your Investment is Covered with Our Money-Back Guarantee
and 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

To make you as confident as possible in your investment, your QiFi unit carries a 3-day money-back guarantee.

Once you receive the device, if you decide not to use it, just be sure to ship it back to us with a postmark within 3 days of receiving it. Your investment will be covered 100%.

The good news is, you also have a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty that protects you and your QiFi.

If at any point in the first year your QiFi malfunctions, all you need to do is send it to the factory for repair. It’s covered 100%.

I realize this is an important investment. And it should be when you consider the value of your health — and your healthcare practice.

I truly believe the QiFi can protect you from harmful EMFs, 4G and 5G, microwaves, smart meters & cell phone towers…

And add to the healing atmosphere of your home, office, or practice… and turn it into a sanctuary because of the proven scalar wave that will flood your space.

It’s made all the difference for me and my clients. And in my experience it’s worth every penny.


Suzanne Scurlock

P.S. Have any questions? Shoot us an email at Office@HealingFromTheCore.com and let us know how we can help.

We’ll get back to you shortly to help you make the best decision for you.

Shipping to US and Canadian destinations is flat rate and includes tracking, full insurance, and signature required delivery.