Profound Simplicity

As we finish this week of Full Body Presence: Grounding and Healthy Boundaries, Karen Axelrod and I are discussing the threads that helped weave the group together this week.

The first thread was a readiness to heal that everyone brought to the table. There was an ease with which everyone entered their process. What resistance there was melted easily in the presence of such a cohesive group.

The second thread is that they embodied the lessons that were offered so willingly. We were both touched by how they dived into really core, difficult, challenging issues. The group created a basket of trust and support that enabled each and every member to go as deeply as they chose to go.

The open, smiling faces this afternoon said it all. The worry lines were gone. The body tension had softened. Eyes were bright. Everyone left for dinner in a new state of lightness.

It is often difficult for professional, educated people to truly grasp the power in the simplicity of being in our bodies, and how that process so profoundly changes our experience of life. How much better our decision-making is when the container of our beings is full. How the navigational system of the body operates with so much intelligence when we are connected to our cells. And how we can access that intelligence through the trillions of cellular brains vs. just the one above our necks!

Thank you to everyone who heard the inner call and showed up. Thank you Esalen for providing an exquisite week. We feel blessed.

This post was co-written with Karen Axelrod.


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