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See below for some tips and suggestions about how to gift your purchase to a friend!

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Would you like to gift your purchase to a friend?

Here’s some tips for gifting our downloads!

These tips are especially handy if you are gifting a large audio purchase, such as A Journey Home to Ourselves.

Remember, the links to download your purchase are time sensitive and can only be used once. Contact the Healing From the Core office with questions and we’ll do our best to help.

If your recipient is digital media saavy:

  • Forward the email with a personal note at the top. They’ll know how to follow the link to complete the download. Using the options available in your email program, you can even use fun fonts, colors and graphics to your message to personalize your “card”!

If your recipient is fairly tech saavy but not a full pro:

If your recipient is not tech saavy at all, consider these options:

  1. Obtain a USB key (portable storage device). Download the files to your own computer. If the files are zipped, extract them. Move them to a USB key. Gift the USB key to your recipient.
  2. For audio files only, if you have a CD burner: Download the files to your own computer. If the files are zipped, extract them. Burn the files to blank writable audio CD. Now your recipient can play them on their CD player! PLEASE NOTE that some of our audio products require multiple CDs. Depending on the length of your blank CDs, A Journey Home to Ourselves and the Full Body Presence Audio Book may require 7 to 10 or more CDs.