healingA Journey Home to Ourselves

Healing From the Core Series ~ Suzanne Scurlock

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This classic series is designed to rejuvenate you, help you come back into balance when you are feeling overwhelmed, and nourish you. It explores the foundations of intimate connection, the steps for reconnecting with yourself more deeply so that you can feel your inspiration for life. The body is an incredible navigational system. This series teaches how to slow down time and deepen your connection with your body, your internal landscape so you can perceive the subtle energy cues that are continually being transmitted to you. Includes 10 sessions, over more than 7 hours of audio.
Approximately 7 hours 20 minutes in length.

Session 1: Overview and The Five Principles of Living Joyfully
This session provides the foundation for the whole ten session series. It presents the underlying energetic principles and clarifies them using illustrative stories and experiences.

Session 2: The Basic Relaxation and Energizing Exercise
This session is the cornerstone of the series. It takes you deep into the energy field within the body, and gives you the tools, knowledge, sensory cues and imagery to build or enhance your own energy field. The second and third segments of this session are meant to be used once the longer exploration feels comfortable. The two shorter explorations (#2 – 17 minutes, #3 – 10 minutes) give you more concise exercises in order to be practical and useful on a daily basis.

Session 3: Healing Internal Resistance to Life
Building on session two, this session delves much deeper into the human energy field and the process necessary for self healing to take place on all levels – physically, emotionally, energetically/spiritually, and mentally. A wonderful, step-by-step walk through this often-puzzling process.

Session 4: Eating in a Nourishing, Nurturing Way
This session takes a clear, unbiased look at what you need to nourish yourself in a truly pleasurable and healthy way. The basic underlying principles are woven into the experiential exercise. A must for anyone who feels “at war” with what they eat and/or how they see their bodies.

Session 5: Session 5: Fluid Depths Healing Exercise
This session helps you access the soft, diffuse, supportive healing qualities that allow the body to relax into an internal fluid state. It takes you through the core of the body, deep into the earth where you learn to sense and draw in all that you need to nourish and heal yourself.

Session 6: Deepening Connection – Movement Exploration
This is a wonderful step-by-step primer for exploring subtle, internally inspired movement. This exploration can be adapted to any level of movement capability. This material is based on cutting edge discoveries of how to support the nervous system for optimal health – its complexity and capacity for regeneration, heretofore seldom experienced.

Session 7: Calming and Energizing – Breath Exploration
This session gives you first hand experience with the use of three different breathing patterns – all of them simple, easy to do, and set up to be done at your own pace. It opens the door to a whole new world of conscious awareness by directing your breathing – it’s patterns, lengths and depths.

Session 8: Holding a Healing Space for Another
Building on the foundation of skills learned in sessions two and three, this session delineates, first conceptually and then experientially, how to energetically hold a healing space for another. It teaches you full connection and blending, without becoming depleted or losing your own sense of yourself, your healthy boundaries. A must for healthcare professionals of all disciplines who want to do their healing work from a deeper, more connected place within themselves.

Session 9: Creating a Healing Circle
Drawing upon Native American and other indigenous traditions, this session offers an excellent experiential format to begin to reconnect to the elements within nature that we are so rarely conscious of in today’s busy world. A must for anyone feeling out of sync with the natural environment.

Session 10: Exploring a Wider, Richer Perceptual Field
This session is a culmination of all the skills taught in the first nine sessions. It explores how your soul connects into your body, and as you become more fully embodied, how your perception of yourself and the world around you transforms.