Presence Qualities – The Tour Continues

After writing my last blog I realized that we had shifted gears here in Sydney and we were in the phase of our World Wide Presence Tour where we were doing what I love – practicing and sharing CranioSacral therapy.

Two days ago we did four CST multiple hands on sessions in a row and left the table energized. The time flew by and yet at certain moments during each session it felt as though time expanded or stood still enabling us to complete exactly what we needed to do for each person. Every session was different and as unique as the person receiving the work.

CST fundamentally requires that the therapist step into the unknown with each person – meaning that you, the therapist, do not know what that session is going to bring. And yet, in this circumstance, I felt completely comfortable with the unknown and in a certain way, quite at peace. My perceptual lens expanded with each session. And time expanded as well.

Then yesterday I taught a study group on Treating Concussion. Again, the day flew by and yet, there were moments throughout the day when time stood still and even expanded to hold the concepts I was teaching. I ended the day’s work feeling joyful, and energized even though this was my first time teaching on this exact topic. In other words, I was in the unknown all day with the students – some very talented therapists – and having a wonderful time creating a valuable experience for them.

Creativity expands presence and time. There has been much written about this by a number of people – it is often spoken of as being in the “flow” or in the “groove”. Jazz musicians love it. Artists do, too. And so can you, if you allow yourself to get into the flow of it all.

Presence has so many different facets and levels. It fascinates me deeply. You may want to play with how your presence feels today to you. Some questions to ask might be:
Are you energized by what you are doing right now? If so, can you feel your presence expanding? How about your sense of time?
Are you feeling a bit anxious or fearful? How does that effect your sense of presence and time?
When you are at your most creative how do you feel, see, and sense the world around you?
How do you describe it for yourself?

And, Enjoy!


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