UPDATED AUDIO* Presence In Times of Joy and Grief

*Oops! The version of this post published May 29th included an incomplete recording of the interview with John Matthew Upledger. It’s not 12 minutes long – it’s a full 64 minutes! I’ve updated this post with the full interview. Enjoy!

Every Memorial Day, I give deep gratitude to all our military and those who support them. Although none of my direct family is military, I have a number of friends and students who have or continue to serve. I honor and thank you all.

This Memorial Day I have some additional insights and people to honor. As I slow down and reflect on the last few weeks, I am struck by how I have been given the opportunity to be present for a wide range of events. Wide range meaning deep loss and extreme joy  – all in one 24 hour period!

Last Monday morning when I opened my front door, there, in an Express Mail envelope, tucked halfway under my door mat, was my pre-publication copy of Reclaiming Your Body. What a huge joy welled up in me, to see and feel this book for the first time. Like a new born baby, it even smelled good! For those of you who want to help my “baby” make the biggest splash in the Amazon.com pool, please make a note to order your copy(s) on JUNE 15th.

This joyous event came right on the heels of deep grief for me. My friend and boss of many years at the Upledger Institute (the CEO), John Matthew Upledger, quietly died in his sleep on Sunday afternoon. I cannot tell you how much gratitude I have to John Matthew for his unflagging commitment to his father’s work and for successfully taking CranioSacral into the world. He is single handedly the one responsible for the educational reach that The Upledger Institute has maintained world-wide.

And what a great guy as well. My daughter remembers him as Spoon Dude. In one of our conferences, when she was 5 years old and grumpy, he started hanging spoons off his nose, cheeks, and ears – to her complete delight! So in our house, even though she is now 28 years old, he will always be Spoon Dude.

I will miss him deeply for a long time to come. Below is an interview that Kate Mackinnon and I did with him in 2016, a year after his diagnosis with pancreatic cancer. It is a lovely interview and I am re-running it here to honor him. It is around 64 minutes* – enjoy!

*In case you missed it – the earlier version posted was only 12 minutes! This new player works. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “UPDATED AUDIO* Presence In Times of Joy and Grief

  1. The interview stops just when it gets interesting about John’s personal journey with his cancer, and the speaker who inspired him. This has left me hanging, really wanting to be able to share with clients what this did for him, and can’t. Is there any more to this that you can post, to really complete this talk!?

    • Hi Deborah – You’re right! We didn’t know that the file we posted wasn’t the full interview. A link to the Full 64 minute recording is coming very soon! Actually I’ll go ahead and post it here, and then we’ll email out this link to everyone later today.

      Download the Full Interview

      Christy in Suzanne’s office

      • Thank You. This has come just in time to continue to inspire me to not give up, at a time when my business seems to at a stalemate. I truly love being a part of this community. It is an honor to serve. Thank You for making this full version available to us all! Cheers!

        Deborah Brandt

  2. I just completed my Cs level 1 , but no one to practice, I feel, I have already lost the skill I learnt from class, can I apply this 10 step to work on myself, if so how?

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