Preparing for a New Year – Step Three

Yesterday I wrote about becoming aware of what you could let go of in your life – what you could eliminate that is getting in the way of your Soul’s path. The problem is that often when we become aware of these things, we can encounter heavy resistance to actually eliminating them. So our topic for today is: what is in the way of you letting go of your resistance? Remember that often your resistance is outside of your conscious awareness.
Even so, you can still set the intention to move beyond your resistance. How do you do this?

First, make a plan. For instance, I could say to myself: “If I start to over schedule myself, I will take notice and say “no” to the activity that no longer serves who I am at a Soul level.”  This is a big deal for me. I love having a rich, full schedule. I innately want to help people. And, I know how to facilitate the healing process for many people that others cannot yet do. However, it does not serve my highest purpose to over schedule my life. So when I encounter my desire to over schedule, I give myself permission to say “no.”

Looking at the research of Gabriele Oettingen – from “Rethinking Positive Thinking”, we know that making a plan for meeting our possible obstacles significantly increases our chance of success. From her two decades of research we now know that it is not enough to simply imagine your desired outcome. You need to be able to successfully meet the resistance to your dreams. So think about what can you eliminate from your life, that no longer serves you. And then ask yourself, if I start to find my resistance arising, how will I meet it and overcome it? Let yourself feel your success – see it – taste it…and it will set you up to more effortlessly eliminate what you no longer need – thus making room for what is truly yours to do at a soul level.

And, enjoy!


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