Preparing for a New Year

I love this quiet week between Christmas and New Years. I prepare myself for the coming year by reflecting on what has transpired in the past year that I am most thankful for.

Things that happened spontaneously that have brought me joy.
Things that I planned and worked for that turned out well.
Things that came to fruition after a long period of waiting.
Things that happened for friends and family that warmed my heart.
Things that I read about that inspired me with hope for our planet and human kind.
Things I viewed online or in a theatre that touched me deeply in some way.
Things I rediscovered within myself that I thought I had lost along the way.
Things that fed my soul in a new way.
Things that excited and inspired me to grow.
Things that allowed me to relax, rest back, and enjoy my life more.
Things that helped my heart to open more fully to my life.

All of these things I journal and think about this week, in preparation for the coming year. As a “dive in and go for it” kind of woman, I know it is easy for me to skip this step of appreciating all that has touched and fed and grown me in 2015. So I love that I have the time this week to percolate on it all.

What are you grateful for in the past year? Take some time this week to reflect on it. If you want to, use my list to remind yourself of what 2015 has brought you. And, enjoy!


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