Preparing for a New Year When You Don’t Know Where You Want to Go

In the last week, I have had three different conversations with friends or clients that have centered around feeling the pressure of the new year and the fact that they did not have a clue as to what their next step was supposed to be – no idea what they truly wanted or what was right for them at a soul level. This is disconcerting at the very least and deeply upsetting if taken as a character flaw of some kind.

One person had already decided that her normal strong connection to her inner wisdom had simply left town, leaving her all alone and feeling bereft. The second person was sure that he should be able to hear what the Universe was telling him, but that his listening skills were  deficient. The third person had already tightened her belt and determined that if no clear signals were coming she needed to make it up herself and go it alone.

All three of these fine folks were feeling stuck. They were quite certain about their stuck-ness. But nothing else was clear. They felt foggy, boggy, and downright miserable about their dilemma. Each of them was asking, “How can I make a new start and set a clear intention for the New Year if I don’t know what that should be?

What they felt as yuck, I call sitting in stillness. It is a place of resting back in yourself. Like the lull or the trough between sets of large waves on the ocean, it gives you time to breathe and take stock of where you are. However, in the trough between large waves your view is obscured. It can be confusing, but it does not need to be.

In my experience, the Universe does not overwhelm us 24/7 with important signals. It simply sends us what we need to know when the time is right. The more we listen and have healthy boundaries (not taking on too much or doing other people’s work for them), the clearer the signals become. However, certain things can naturally occur that will cause the signaling to slow down.

  1. IF you are burning out, the Universe will cut you a break to allow you to recoup and rejuvenate. Do not expect forward direction signals when what you need is to slow down and rest. Often people in this situation do not even realize that they are “crispy”, they just know that nothing feels inspiring anymore. Antidote? Let it all go and sit in the silence and refill. When you are done the signals will resume.
  2. IF you have an inner critic or inner fear monger that is driving your bus, it is hard to hear anything clearly except the limiting beliefs they are shouting at you. They often push you too hard or want you to have accomplished more by this moment in time. Resting is not allowed and yet it is vital to your inner health and resilience. Often when I ask further questions, someone with this issue has just completed a mighty fine task and done it well. And yet, their inner driver is pushing for more, more, more right now, when resting in the still place is what the system needs. Antidote? You guessed it. Allow yourself to recognize and acknowledge the task just completed and rest back until your energy reservoirs are full again. Signals will resume when that occurs.
  3. IF you have a default stance of taking charge of your Universe and trying to do it all yourself (I know this one well, as the past president of the Over-Responsibility Takers Club) it is extremely hard to hear the soft, but clear whispers of the Universe. Most of us with this default stance have been and continue to be encouraged in our leadership and take charge roles. The problem is that we are not in charge. At least not a this level. Antidote? Let go – allow yourself to trust that you will be supported. Let your engine idle in neutral and relax. The clear signals will come, I promise. When you trust in the Universe and its ability to provide, its abundance is magnificent.

So have fun with this as we approach the New Year. Allow your “inner pressure to produce” to float off into the distance and let your Soul’s voice come through in its own time. And, enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Preparing for a New Year When You Don’t Know Where You Want to Go

  1. Suzanne, thank you for the above. I have known this, and believe that if we align with purpose then the doors open. I have many changes happening in my life right now and I know that I have to take time to sit back, focus, and choose my path, but sitting in the still and listening is what I have to do to not get off track.

    I appreciate the reminder to do this and to remember my dreams and intentions.

    Happy New Year to you and all who are reading this.

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