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Become a Certified Practitioner of Healing From the Core®

Become a Certified Practitioner of Healing From the Core

Healing from the Core taught you how to access your inner aliveness.

If you were captivated by the powerful body-centered methods that awaken our innate wisdom...

Now YOU can master these skills so you can offer the same transformational, life-changing experience to your clients.

Our Certification Track Program will not only give you the tools but more importantly, the confidence to implement them into your practice. And that's when the magic happens.

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Listening is the KEY skill when you work one-on-one with clients or patients. But if you are only listening to the words they share, then you are missing the largest part of the conversation.

Dropping in and accurately hearing the wisdom that lives beneath their skin and all the way into their bones is a superpower that no artificial intelligence can replace.

The Healing from the Core training you took began the process of teaching you the power of understanding the body’s wisdom and intelligence. Our Certification Track guides you further - allowing you to step into your full potential - as you become a Healing from the Core Practitioner.

Our Certification Track Will:

  • Advance your coaching or therapeutic skills, providing you with a confidence that will naturally attract more clients, creating abundance in your practice.
  • Deepen your ability to hold space for others with a presence that quietly but powerfully sets you apart from the crowd - so that your unique gifts can be shared with more grace and ease.
  • Teach you how to center yourself and stay grounded no matter what your client shares with you, thus increasing their trust in your coaching or therapeutic presence.
  • Expand your capacity to facilitate your client’s journey — be it emotional, physical, or spiritual.
  • Give you the knowledge and self-assurance to respond to your clients effectively and appropriately, even in the most challenging of situations, improving outcomes so not only will they keep coming back but will refer others to your practice.

The Healing from the Core Certification Track is carefully designed to empower you to excel in your work and your life, and all within a safe community of your peers.

Highlights of What You Will Learn on Our Certification Track

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  • Learn how to turn your empathy into an asset rather than a liability. One of the dangers of being a talented, exceptional practitioner is burnout and compassion fatigue. Master skills that deepen your therapeutic presence without sacrificing your health.
  • Discover and become acquainted with your unique Energy Signature. When you step into this expression of who you are at a core level, it will transform how you show up for your clients and create a foundation for a successful practice with a full schedule and stable income.
  • Practice how to dialogue effectively and intuitively - know what to say in every session, and in any circumstance that arises.
  • Recognize when a more complex trauma response is unfolding for your client, so you can stay energetically full and grounded no matter what.
  • Become skilled at “mining for gold” in your client's dreams, helping them interpret wise symbols and metaphors from their own inner landscape, and their dreams.

We Have Two Certification Track Packages

Both lead to the same goal of YOU becoming a Certified Healing from the Core® Practitioner.

How you get there is your choice.

Go Solo Package
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Some prefer to go it alone, without requiring extra support from us.

Maybe you already have a supportive network of coaches and therapists so all you need are the new skills that our rich library of OnDemand courses offers you and you're all set.

If that sounds like you, then our Go Solo Package is a perfect choice. You still have access to the Private Facebook Group for connections with others in the program, as well as a team of experienced coaches you can tap into on your own, as you need them.

  • 10 Immersion Trainings with a discount of $150 per course
  • Access to supportive community twice-monthly Mentoring calls
  • Recordings of Live Sessions of Immersion Training Discussion Groups
  • Free audio downloads of Suzanne's two books
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Zero CE admin fee for each Immersion Training
  • Payment plans available

Go Solo for


Get Priceless Support Package

If you are a practitioner who loves the idea of being part of a community of kindred spirits — like-minded therapists and coaches who meet regularly to practice, be mentored and dive into deeper conversations — then our Get Priceless Support Package is your ideal choice.

With this package, you will enjoy that feeling of empowerment and confidence knowing that you have a supportive network with DECADES of combined coaching and therapeutic experience to guide and advise you.

  • 10 Immersion Trainings with a discount of $150 per course
  • Access to supportive community twice-monthly Mentoring calls with a discount!
  • Recordings of Live Sessions of Immersion Training Discussion Groups
  • Free audio downloads of Suzanne's two books
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Zero CE admin fee for each Immersion Training
  • Payment plans available

Get Priceless Support

Only $3864.00




10 Immersion Trainings

Discounted to $297 ea. for you (full price $447.00)

Discounted to $297 ea. for you (full price $447.00)

Save $1,500.00

A year's worth of 2x-monthly Mentoring Calls

Save $100.00

Audio Downloads of Suzanne's Two Books

Save $20.00

Access to Private FaceBook Group


Access to the Encore Gathering Recordings


Waive $25 Admin Fee Per Course for CE Certification

SAVE up to $250.00

Access to Community and Networking with Like-Minded Therapists



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Certification Packages Chart

Let's Take a Closer Look at the Immersion Trainings
and What You Will Learn

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Demystifying the Ground & Fill

Learn how to utilize subtle but powerful language nuances that are vital to helping your clients discover and nourish their own inner landscape. And, how to go from a long, deep experience you can use with clients who really need it ... to a quick yet effective exercise that can be done in 5 potent breaths.

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Decoding the 6 Wisdom Areas

Dive deeper into the relationship between each Wisdom Area. You'll discover the pitfalls that come into play when they aren't connected — and the gifts that come when they're fully integrated.

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Deepening Your Therapeutic Presence

Discover what it means to have a breadth of presence that allows you to meet every client where they are — without taking on their baggage. So you leave every session feeling energized and satisfied.

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Dialoguing 1

Learn how to intuitively know what to say in any circumstance you face. With trauma, with resistance, when you're just plain stumped, you'll know how to move forward with ease.

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Decoding the Impact of Trauma 1

Learn to recognize body trauma patterns and responses. And grow the capacity to build the safety and trust that unlocks the healing process with grace and ease.

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Discovering Your Energy Signature 1

Become intimately acquainted with the resonance of your unique energetic presence. You'll develop the flexibility to make your presence more diffuse — or more deep and focused — to meet each client's needs.



Learn how to mine the depths of the dreams that are always giving you insights and directions. And become facile at helping your clients interpret the signals and metaphors of their own inner landscape.

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Delivering Empowerment

Develop the gift of using your presence and language to return clients to their own inner sense of empowerment. This is what helps them not only recover, but step onto their deeper soul's path or purpose.

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Dying With Dignity

Take away tools that help with the most sensitive, tender time of a person's life. So you can support a difficult challenge with confidence and comforting presence.

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Distilling the Essentials of Distance Healing

Virtual coaching and therapy of all kinds is vital in today’s world, but it can be draining. Come build the skills and practices needed to powerfully convey your presence over the miles without burning out – giving you a more resilient, fulfilling practice that offers you the freedom to share your gifts under all circumstances.

Certification Track At-A-Glance

HFC Practitioner Certification Path
certification rewards

Once you have attained your HFC Certified Practitioner status, you are now eligible to step into the Master Certification program.

For details on the Master program, contact Certification Director Lynn Foley at Lynn@HealingFromTheCore.com

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I have been working with energy healing since the late 1970s. The Healing From the Core Certification Program created a significant shift in that work - so much so that my clients immediately recognized the improvement and asked me, “Are you doing something new with me?” The initial course gave me so much - but professionally, I recognized and understood the power was in completing all the courses, which was easy to do as they are all online. Each and every course in this certification program stimulated significant growth and change for me, both personally and professionally.

— Christine Ford (Energy Alignment Practitioner)

The Healing From the Core certification process offered me an opportunity to take an entire curriculum to completion and empowered me to step into greater freedom and flexibility professionally. Everything I learned in these courses has improved my practice by teaching me how to use my entire body, like radar, to gather information in a session, rather than just my hands. In my life, the Healing From the Core method has led me to be more grounded, more in the world with healthy boundaries,and connected to the earth, giving me a strong foundation to carry out my life’s mission.

— Lies Christiaens (PT, CST-D)

The Healing From the Core Certification process has made me a better therapist. Even with 46 years of experience behind me, this curriculum taught me how to increase the depth of my own presence, intuitively listen more keenly, and experience deeper attunement to the subtleties and needs of my client's body and psyche (as well as my own!). I learned things in this certification track that I didn't know I needed to know! This work is empowering as we learn to release outdated limiting belief systems, raise our commitment to stay curious, and delight in being surprised and amazed at what healing we can facilitate for our clients.

— Heather A. Hannam (RPT)

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Your Rest-Easy Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to feel 100% secure in the investment you’re making in your future.

After you sign up for either the Go Solo or Get Priceless Support package, you will receive a welcome email with a link to activate your account.

Take a look through the package you have purchased and if you don’t see what you want, send us an email WITHIN 30 DAYS of the purchase date explaining why you want a refund.

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We are HONORED to guide you on the path to becoming one of our elite team of Certified Practitioners who are each devoted to making the world a healthier, more loving and compassionate place.

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