March 2015 Newsletter

crocuses in snowWelcome Spring!

As the last of the snow is melting and light colored buds are peeking out everywhere, a deep excitement is rising within me about what this year holds for all of us. The winter was long and dark for many. I took that time to drop inside and tune up my inner radar for what I feel inspired to share and create this Spring.

The cycles of deep rest, renewal and creation are playing out in each of us all the time. We know that how well you sleep at night directly affects how inspired and effective you are as you move through your day. We also know that when you take time to slow down in the winter you can more easily ride this natural energy boost that comes in the Spring.

Do you value rest and quiet enough to plan for it? Do you know how to focus your attention inside and listen to your inner radar – to the subtle signals that are continually speaking to you? Do you second-guess them? Where is the balance of self-care and creative output for you? Are you the last one on your “To Do” list, after everyone else’s needs have been met?

All of these questions have been shown to affect our clarity of thought, our creative capacity, our immune function and how happy we feel with our lives.

Come join me this year, as I explore all of these questions and much, much more – diving deeply into what feeds who we each are at that core level – allowing us to fluidly move out into our lives creating what we came here to do with the gifts we’ve each been given.

Looking forward to connecting with each of you as you feel called to join me.

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana's Signature