September 2019 Newsletter

Celebrating the Fullness of Life

As I was sitting there in the moonlight relaxing in the natural mineral baths and breathing in the freshly harvested herbs here at the Esalen Institute last week – a thought came to my mind I want to share with you.

With late summer in full swing here in the northern hemisphere, the gardens are lush and abundant. Fruits and vegetables are ripe and ready to be harvested and enjoyed.

It is the time of year we get to step back for a moment, and reap what we have sown. Life can be so hectic and busy, the real challenge is to slow down… and take in the abundance of life that surrounds you.

The question that keeps coming back to me is…

“Am I celebrating my life and all that it offers me?”

“Am I making the time to slow down and enjoy those around me?”

“Can I relax and let in what nourishes me most on a regular basis?”

Last week I took some time to slow down and savor the moment as I’ve been here at Esalen teaching my women’s healing workshop by…

…Stopping to watch the sunset each night.

…Staying at the meal table longer to share with friends.

…Walking between locations on the property and breathing in the rich aromas of rosemary, jasmine, lavender and sage.

These are some of the moments that have nourished me the most.

What are some of the ways you can slow down and celebrate in a way that nurtures your soul? You deserve it.

All Best,

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Suzanne Scurlock