September 2016 Newsletter

Making a Difference

When I was growing up my father rarely offered me advice. Instead he asked questions that inspired me to find my own answers.

I am forever grateful to him for that. Especially since one of his questions has driven my actions throughout my life …

“How are you going to make a difference in the world?”

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Because of that single question, my creative edge has always been to teach in a way that connects deeply with my audience.

Are their eyes lighting up as we interact? Are their questions reflecting what I’m unfolding for them?

When those “aha” moments pop up, my heart ignites — and in that moment I know I’m making a difference.

This month I’m fulfilling that promise once again by offering two new opportunities that will make your life easier … and bring even more grace into your healing process.

The first one is a new online course starting on September 12th called The Power of Touch and Presence.

It’s a collaboration of the heart with my dear friend Kate Mackinnon, Hay House author of From My Hands and Heart: Achieving Health and Balance With CranioSacral Therapy.

It’s designed for anyone who wants to understand the power of CranioSacral Therapy … how to get the most out of every session … and how to use its core principles to improve your health long after the session ends.

Are you wondering if CranioSacral Therapy is right for you?

This class will give you all the details you need to understand how this subtle yet transformative therapy can improve your health challenges for good.

It’ll also give you new tools to nurture the vibrant energy that can impact and improve every area of your life … from your career to your personal relationships.

Are you a Craniosacral practitioner?

You’re going to hear firsthand how we teach our clients to get the most value out of each session. So you can turn around and use those same techniques yourself to turn one-time clients into clients for life.

Plus, at only $39, it’s a great bonus gift for your clients. It’ll help them get even more out of your work together. And inspire them to send you more referrals.

The second opportunity I’m bringing you this month is a FREE gift that’ll land in your email inbox in the second half of September.

It’s going to walk you step-by-step through an enlightening process I developed after years of teaching people around the world how to clearly hear — and courageously follow — their own internal guidance system.

In this age of uncertainty, this will give you the skills to get past your stuck spots … and move forward in your life and career with utter confidence.

And, Enjoy…

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