Sandra Williams, LCSW, CST (Rockford, IL)

Sandy Williams

Long Distance Healing Facilitator

Sandy Williams has been in the health care field for 30 years as a licensed clinical social worker and 20 years as a CranioSacral therapist. She balances these two therapies in her private practice. Sandy enjoys counseling and coaching individuals who want more self-awareness and to improve their lives with goals beyond surviving and into thriving. As a technique certified and advanced practitioner of CranioSacral therapy, Sandy loves facilitating sessions for health improvement, increased self-awareness, and integration of mind, body and spirit with her clients. Sandy also incorporates SomatoEmotional release and Lymph Drainage therapy into her sessions. She uses a variety of therapies in her practice and is drawn to those that incorporate mind, body and spirit.

As a certified Healing from the Core Presenter, she incorporates the 5 Principles and the explorations into her sessions and is excited to help clients re-connect with their inner wisdom. She also enjoys sharing the 5 Principles and awareness exercises in small groups. Providing a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship is a key foundation to her practice. Sandy has a passion for helping individuals to become more present in their lives and to use their whole being to live fuller richer lives. When she is not at her office, she enjoys hiking, camping, and motorcycling with her spouse. You can contact Sandy by phone at (815-227-0127).