Ruth Isley, Therapist (Bonnyville, AB)

Ruth Isley headshot
Double DHFC HFC Master Practitioner Emblems

Ruth is owner operator of Good Vibrations Crystal Castle in northeast Alberta, Canada. Her skills to hold space and guide you during long distance sessions are very powerful as she is also a gifted medium and works with vibrations of light as well as the Healing from the Core® curriculum.

Ruth’s gifts allow her to go very deep she will guide and support you on your healing journey leading you to the root problem of your condition.

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Ruth is also a certified Spring Forest Qi Gong Instructor and very versed in Chinese medicine and energy healing with humans as well as animals. She believes everyone is a healer and a radiator of love able to heal themselves and the world around them.

She believes we are all gifted and she has supported many people while they were on their healing journey finding their their own unique gifts while healing themselves. Her many years of practice give her a solid and grounded base to work from to support you no matter what challenge you are facing whether it is physical, mental or spiritual.

Her practice of over 30 years and studies with Healing From the Core make her a perfect choice for your healing journey, she would love to hear from you.

Contact her and read testimonials at or call (780) 826-9835. She lives in Mountain Standard Time.