October 2017 Newsletter

When Opportunity Knocks – Do you Answer the Door?

On June 22 I was surprised with an invitation from The Shift Network. They were inviting me to teach an online course to their vast audience.

I was between continents at the time. One workshop just completed in the Ukraine and another was about to start in London.

My plate was full. So I had half a dozen good reasons to turn this down.

Limiting beliefs about my capabilities, not enough time, limited resources already stretched to capacity, to name a few.

This was not convenient at all!

Earlier in my life I would have felt far too overwhelmed to even consider it.

But this time I tried something different.

I reread that email again. And then one by one, I activated all the wisdom areas of my body. And I asked if I should “answer the door” for this opportunity.

Here’s how I did it:

Quietly taking a deep breath, I dropped my awareness inside my chest, into my heart and it lit up.

I felt so excited about working with The Shift Network and the larger impact my message could have in sharing it through them.

Then I dropped my awareness lower, into my gut to see if it instinctually felt right to take action in this way.

It concurred instantly that this was a wonderful idea, fully in alignment with who I am at a Soul level.

From there I expanded into my pelvis to see if my energy level could sustain an effort like this.

Again, another deep breath and a clear “YES” came pouring out.

With that, I realized I had dozens of questions swirling inside me about the details of it all.

This is where I would have previously gotten completely bogged down. But not this time.

I quietly breathed into my bones in order to find the clarity needed to take the next step.

As I continued to simply inhale and exhale, everything slowed down inside until I felt steady and clear.

As that occurred, I realized I wanted to move with the question. So I threw on my shoes and took a long walk out onto Hampstead Heath to clear my head.

The crisp, cool London air combined with getting my system moving did the trick.

When I returned to the house, I knew exactly what my next step would be.

I emailed my office and said, “Tell them yes!”

Because all my major wisdom areas had weighed in on the issue, I felt comfortable turning it over to my thinking mind — my “Great Strategizer” — to handle all the details.

And the rest is history.

I had dreamed of reaching 1,000 people with my message. To my astonishment, more than 12,000 people registered for the free online event.

You can hear the recording of “Reclaiming Your Body’s Innate Guidance System” here. But hurry. It’s only up for a few more days.

Looking back on my process, I realize that by diving in fully, with curiosity, awareness and trust, it’s all working out.

I’m in awe and humbled that by doing what I love and sharing my message, I can be so beautifully received by so many people.

Take a moment now and think about the opportunities coming your way.

Everyone’s life is different so your opportunities won’t look like mine. But you will recognize them when they show up.

They may challenge who you think you are. Or what you think your limitations are.

Is it time to expand your horizons?

When opportunity knocks, will you answer the door?

Warm hugs,

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana's Signature