November 2019 Newsletter

‘Tis the Season for Gratitude, Love and Healthy Boundaries!

Last week my 90-year old mom flew into town to attend her best friend’s 90th birthday party. I witnessed such sweet honesty, love and life in these women.

They got 48 hours together to celebrate their 48+ years of being soul sisters through incredible challenges – in both of their lives – through overwhelming losses and huge celebrations.

They were there for each other through it all and forged such a beautiful friendship as the hard times were interwoven together with all the good times they shared.

As they parted, standing there in the autumn sunlight, leaves gently falling all around them, smiling and hugging each other…

Mom turned to Peggy and said, “This might be the last time we see each other in this lifetime.”

Peggy replied, “Might be, and what a journey we have had together.”

I was moved to tears hearing them honestly and fearlessly celebrate where they stand at this point in their lives. My mom is quite physically healthy but Peggy is not.

Both are creative women who have lived full lives. Both with more than their share of sorrow as well as great joy. Both accepting of where they are now and celebrating what they have as well as what is to come… however short that time may be.

As I reflect upon this season of the year… I think about my own dear friends and all those I call family… that I will have the opportunity to spend time with, over the upcoming holidays.

It is a time to celebrate our most cherished relationships as we approach these gatherings with gratitude, love, grounding and healthy boundaries.

It’s not always easy to do, I know!

No matter who you are, or what your situation may be… as we spend more time with our loved ones at this time of year… it can be fraught with tension and anxiety.

Just keep in mind, how we approach these events will frame every experience awaiting us. It is a choice we can make, should we choose to do so.

My wish for all of us is that each gathering we create or attend brings us all the joy and love that our hearts can hold!

All Best,

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Suzanne Scurlock