November 2015 Newsletter

As Nature Quiets – Can You?

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I have just returned from a retreat in the rolling hills of West Virginia. The late fall arrived while I was there, and I found the cool weather refreshing and the quiet of the woods restful. My pace slowed down as I allowed myself to sink into the natural rhythm of this season. Nature was moving inward and I let myself follow its lead.

My slower pace synchronized quite well with the workshop topic of releasing and resolving trauma. As the days unfolded, my students and staff seemed to appreciate the deepened strength in my usual calm, measured manner. It struck me that by dropping into a rhythm that matched the environment, I have actually returned home with good energy reserves. I don’t take this lightly with the coming holidays!

The body has a primal need for periods of slowing down and rejuvenation. This fact shows us that we would all do well to follow the seasons to whatever degree we can. I realize this is difficult given our busy lives. Some autumn seasons have come and gone without any decrease to my normal pace. The holidays in those years were much more stressful and less festive.

Take a moment now and check in with yourself. Are you allowing yourself to slow down? If not, you may want to make it a priority. Take a walk, get some nurturing bodywork, have a relaxed meal with someone you enjoy, read a good book – take time for yourself that allows you space and rest.

And, enjoy!

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana's Signature