November 2018 Newsletter

The Next Embodiment Frontier

In my Reclaiming Your Body book, I shed some light on the body’s 6 main wisdom centers.

There’s something intuitive and familiar about some of them, like the heart, the gut and the bones. And yet something surprising about the others: the pelvis, the legs and feet, and the integrated brain.

Since publishing the book, I’ve been delighted to hear from readers who felt reassured to know these innate wisdom centers exist within all of us.

And I’m thrilled with all the growth and discovery they’re experiencing when they use their wisdom centers as a launching pad to achieve a state of Full Body Presence.

A young woman enjoying at autumn park

They get there through the Core Embodiment Process, a skill I developed and have been teaching in in-person classes — and in online courses through The Shift Network.

It’s been so touching to hear from so many people who healed old traumas they hadn’t even felt safe exploring until they experienced this grounding, gentle and loving process.

And yet once you’ve practiced this work, what’s your next opportunity?

Simply put, it’s all about taking these tools into your life and using them in times of stress.

The holidays are an especially potent time to practice. Because that’s when we’re more likely to break bread with people whose views may be wildly different than ours.

Fortunately each of our wisdom centers has its own special gift to help us out:

The heart reminds us of what truly matters when the “fur is flying.” Or when we’re pulled in many directions at once.

The gut shows us what to take action on when differences erupt — and what’s not ours to do.

The pelvis can give us a clear sense of how much energy we have for any given endeavor – whether it’s a “sacred” family tradition that’s exhausting. Or something totally new we want to explore.

The legs and feet help us activate what we’re inspired to create for our families and communities – helping us make wise decisions even when things get confusing.

The bones settle and clarify what seems emotionally turbulent.

The integrated brain gives us maps and creative strategies for navigating our lives in ways that help us not just survive, but thrive. No matter what the future brings.

So take action. Put your Full Body Presence to the test in times of overwhelm.

Use it to stay clear and centered … even in the craziest of times.

Did I mention the holidays? 😉

And, Enjoy!

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Suzanne Scurlock