May 2021 Newsletter

Discover the Hidden Power of the Pelvis

Have you ever felt inspired to do something new … like write a book or teach an online course …

But you felt blocked? And no matter how much you knew “This is my time,” you needed a kick in the rear end to get going?

Here’s what’s interesting …

Your creative power probably wasn’t stopped by your heart. Or even by your brain.

It was likely blocked by one of the most misunderstood Wisdom Areas of the body: the Pelvis.

Artistic illustration of a pelvic bone, in blues and purples, subtly represented as butterfly.

The Pelvis is so important, I consider it the engine of the body.

Chinese medicine honors it as a major gateway to the flow of vital energy.

That’s why Naomi Wolf, in her book Vagina, says if the pelvis has been injured, compressed or compartmentalized, whether from trauma or cultural and religious issues …

It can have a serious negative effect not only on your long- and short-term health. It can also diminish the flow of life energy available for your creative endeavors.

So opening to the Wisdom of the Pelvis has the power to ignite your creative inspirations in delightful ways.

When we reclaim the energy and wisdom of the Pelvis — and integrate it with the rest of the body — there’s a marvelous return of desire …

And a resurgence of your life force.

So if you move through life trying your best to ignore what I call your “Pelvic Core,” you’re not only inhibiting your own sensuality. You’re cutting yourself off from your own creativity.

Are you doing that, even unconsciously?

Try this to find out:

Allow your awareness to drop down into your Pelvis — your reproductive system, your pelvic floor, your sacrum and coccyx.

Breathe, gently inhaling and exhaling, as you drop deeper into the engine of your body. And notice …

What sensations are arising here?

Does it feel warm or cool?

Is there a color?

Is there a texture?

Does it feel open and connected to your Gut and your Heart?

Then ask yourself these questions …

“Do I have access to my power?”

“Am I standing in my power?”

“Do I have the power to support what the rest of me needs and wants?”

And notice the response you receive.

Let the Pelvis tell you whether your strength and creativity is available to you. Or whether it’s blocked.

And if it is?

Take this as a sign that your relationship with your Pelvis is ready to be healed.


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Suzanne Scurlock