May 2016 Newsletter

Growth, Change and Overwhelm

The month of May here in Virginia is a riot of color and lush greenery, accentuated by lots of rain and clear sun. Every time I look out the window the weather has changed. Yesterday I experienced a delightful walk, followed immediately by hail, lightning and thunderstorms. As soon as I came indoors, the sky opened up. This sudden change in the weather mirrors how many people are feeling in their lives right now – growth and change hitting us all at once – How do we manage that feeling of having it all overwhelm us?

The answer lies within. When I get present and rest back into each moment of my full schedule, the time and space to simply “be” makes itself known. I realize I need to breathe and feel my spine relaxing into what is. Moment to moment, that which is most important actually presents itself when we are listening.

I look at how my life is unfolding and it happens optimally when I can be truly present in each moment, with clear focus and intent. Our whole Healing From the Core curriculum is structured to help each one of us return home to ourselves. Join me somewhere this spring or summer and find answers to the overwhelm dilemma. You may even get your joy back!

And, Enjoy!

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana's Signature