Marcia Bamber, PT (Ottawa, ON)


Certified Master Practitioner

Marcia is a physical therapist with over 20 years experience. She is passionate about helping people of all ages achieve more physical comfort, calmness and freedom of movement in their bodies. She believes in getting the right start in life and thrives on helping babies with nursing difficulties and torticollis as well as other developmental difficulties, and helping Moms recover from birth. She works with many conditions, but has special interest in helping people recover from concussion and other complex pain issues. She uses craniosacral therapy, traditional physiotherapy techniques, acupuncture and Healing From the Core principles in her practice. She also teaches a chair yoga class. She works at Neurologic Physiotherapy Clinic in Ottawa, Canada. She enjoys staying grounded by spending time outdoors skating, cross country skiing hiking biking and swimming. Marcia also facilitates occasional HFC Support Group. Email Marcia, call her at 1-613-862-2540 or visit her website or IAHP profile.