March 2017 Newsletter

How to Create Your Spring When Everything Still Looks like Winter

The weather these last three weeks has been mild. And the magnolias have been in full bloom here in the Washington DC area.

Our inner thermometers were all set to rise. We were taking walks in t-shirts and reading on the deck in the afternoon sun.

Then suddenly the temperatures dropped. Not slightly, but drastically.

The winds picked up. And a huge snowstorm just buried the upper East Coast.

Even we in the mid-Atlantic region aren’t spared the fickle hand of Winter Returned.

Which makes me wonder …

What happens when we have expectations at that primal level about our lives, be it the weather, the political situation, our family dynamics, our work …

And we suddenly have to deal with something totally different and unexpected?

It feels so shocking to our system, we often react with a knee-jerk “How could this be happening?”

That’s normal. However, it’s not productive or helpful to the Soul of who we know ourselves to be, and what we came here to create in our lives.

In times like these we need to dig deep.

In Healing From the Core terms, we need to “drop into our core” and allow ourselves to sink inside to our bones, to the deepest parts of who we are, and settle there.

No better time than in a snowstorm, eh?

Notice where in your life you could benefit from grounding into the truth of who you really are.

Then make it a point to remember. Not just with your mind, but with your whole body. Viscerally. Completely.

Until the reality begins to reverberate all around you. And the sun breaks through the clouds once again.


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