March 2016 Newsletter

Bursting Into Spring!

Spring has arrived here in the last week and what a joy to feel the velvet texture of the warmer air on my skin. After a week of rain, the sun is shining clear and bright. Life feels good. When we are in sync with nature there is often a feeling of quickening at this time of year, preparing us to begin new endeavors, projects, and relationships. As the green shoots and buds emerge bravely from the cold earth, there is an internal feeling of urgency to bust through all obstacles to create, to move into action, and to meet the world in a new way. How exciting!

However, I have often seen (within myself and others), times when the Spring is greeted with less than enthusiasm. When things are out of balance inside, unresolved traumas frozen in place, stress levels too high from life’s demands – at these times, the added pressure of Spring’s call to create and grow can feel overwhelming. Often irritation, anger or depression are the outcome. If you are feeling any of these, take a moment to reflect. Are you carrying too heavy a load? Do you need skills to clear your head and your body? Do you need to unburden yourself in order to make room for life? Take time to slow down, take a walk, or do your favorite exercise. Have a long slow meal with friends. Journal or draw. Spend time in nature. Whatever you need to do to take care of yourself, do it now! And free up space for the wonderful energy of Spring to carry you forward.

We have many, many classes coming up in 2016 that can help “clean the slate”, teach you presence, steadiness and grounding, learn how to recognize what is going on inside, and much more – read on and join us for whatever calls to you this year.

And, enjoy!
Suzanne Scurlock-Durana's Signature