March 2020 Newsletter

Sprouting New Creativity

As the morning sun peaks over the eastern horizon and lights up the tips of the trees reflected in the glassy surface of the lake, I realize early spring has arrived here in Reston.

The shimmering red of the buds on maple trees are the first to whisper that the season is changing…

It reminds me of how each tree is unique and has its own pace and rhythm of growth, of aliveness. All the rest of the spring growth is still deep inside, slowly rising but not yet visible to the eye.

Somehow I am always surprised by what shows up for me at this time of year.

What new behaviors and actions I can dance more easily with when I allow new growth to flourish within my body and mind…

What new buds of creativity that are beginning to sprout within myself… pushing through the hard, cold earth of my habitual winter hibernation.

Over the years, I have had some serious health challenges and experiences that have allowed me to grow in ways that I would not have otherwise. Many of these situations and experiences were harrowing, exhausting, demanding and at times quite depleting.

However, at this point in my life, I feel gratitude for these things because they spurred me on to discover new gifts, techniques, healing tools and protocols.

I am a bit of a detective by nature so in each instance, once I got back on my feet, I became curious as to how it happened and how it could be different in the future.

Even in the midst of “going against the grain” and growing in ways that my early life, my culture and my upbringing have not encouraged as a woman…

And in turn at times being robbed of my power, my natural feminine energy flow, and my ability to experience pleasure…

I discovered something rather profound.

In order to step fully into my creativity and allow my gifts to manifest in my life – I had to recover my power, rediscover and nurture my natural feminine energy flow and be willing to experience pleasure in all aspects of my life.

Which brings us back to this season when new growth is pushing through the cold, hard earth of habit, trauma patterns, cultural rules, ignorance and tolerance of things that shouldn’t be allowed.

In honor of this time of rebirth… I will be teaching a course for women near Asheville, NC that brings together much of what I have learned in this territory. It’s all information that I have worked hard for in my own life so that now I can teach others how to step into these realms of deep healing and new life too. Come join me if this speaks to you.

In the meantime – no matter what gender you are – as you see the first buds on the trees and the green shoots pushing through the hard cold ground… reflect on what is your next growth step and nurture it.

Let yourself expand your aliveness as the energy of nature is with you!


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Suzanne Scurlock