March 2019 Newsletter

First the Awakening

As the sun begins to warm the land around me in my home state of Virginia, I’m reminded of those first delicate shoots that courageously push their buds above ground after winter.

It’s one thing to break through the cold winter soil. Yet it’s quite another to nurture that growth day after day, isn’t it?

I see that a lot in our world of Full Body Presence™.

The first time I got a taste of that peak state of being was in December of 1980.

I was at an interdisciplinary meditation training in Maui. And as part of an exercise, I was looking into the eyes of my partner for 20 minutes.

festive spring card with a tit bird next to yellow snowdrops making their way in March

Suddenly, out of nowhere, my body began filling with a golden liquid.

And when it reached my eyes it spilled over and slid down my cheeks as tears of joy.

For the first time ever, I felt completely at peace. There was no story pulling me out of the present moment.

So I did the only thing I could do: I stayed with it.

When we were done our teacher instructed us to relax on the floor and integrate while soft music floated through the background.

As I stretched out on my mat, energy began streaming though my body — from the soles of my feet all the way through the top of my head.

It started like the vivid vibration of a speeding train. Then it shifted into gentle waves of rhythmic pulsing.

If I had to guess, I’d say it lasted for about 30 minutes.

And it felt delicious. Every circuit in my body felt alive and dancing with energy.

When I arose that afternoon, the entire world had a special glow.

The tropical air felt alive.

The ocean and waterfalls took on new power and beauty.

And there was softness inside of me I’d never felt before.

It allowed me to feel safe and deeply connected to everything and everyone at the same time.

As the days passed, I could still feel that energy. Yet it became much more subtle.

Finally, as the sensation of embodiment started to fade over the next few months, I made a commitment.

I was going to find out how to experience that level of connection every moment of every day.

At a primal level, I knew this was how we were meant to live.

And yet somehow I lost it along the way.

Initially, I was drawn back to the same training yearning for that same peak experience.

I had gentler, softer versions of it. But nothing like that original time.

And then it hit me.

My channels were now open.

I’d been awakened. My soul had embodied.

And I no longer needed to have that huge flood of energy to open things up.

With that realization I shifted gears. And I began cultivating daily practices that facilitated more ordinary moments of joy.

I learned how to live from the direct experience of the Divine — of the flow of life’s energy that fills and animates us all.

Thus the roots of Healing From the Core™ and the Soul Embodiment Process™ were born.

Like those new shoots that are just now pushing their buds above ground, it’s important to have experiences that awaken you.

Yet it’s even more important that we stay awake after the initiation.

That’s how we blossom and bloom.


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Suzanne Scurlock