June 2019 Newsletter

Healing the Past With Presence

“Suzanne, I need your help,” my client said.

“I got rear-ended several days ago. And I can’t seem to shake it off.

“My neck and back are still in pain, even though it wasn’t high impact. I was late rushing to a wedding when it happened.”

With these words we dove into our phone session.

To help me understand the larger context of what was happening, I asked how she was doing otherwise.

She got quiet for a few minutes. And then out came an interesting story of contrasts.

“I may be feeling badly right now, but I had an amazing experience last week that was just the opposite.

“I went to visit my daughter — a 10-hour drive — at the end of a very busy week. I hopped into my car and just headed out.

“Since my energy tank was so empty, I was very careful to pace myself and stay present as I drove.

“I was gentle with myself — listening to my favorite music and audio recordings, grounding and filling my energy tank, eating good food, stopping enough to avoid getting stiff — everything I know about staying in the present moment.

“And here’s the remarkable thing: I arrived at my daughter’s house full of energy!

“I had a fabulous weekend with my granddaughter and daughter before heading back down here for the wedding.

“Then several hours before getting there, I hit bad traffic. My composure and calm disappeared as my worry about the wedding escalated.

“I found myself in the future imagining all kinds of disaster scenarios, like being late or missing the wedding. They were so compelling that I actually got on the phone to try to avert them.

“The next I knew, BAM!

“I’d been rear-ended. And my neck and back were in trouble.”

At this point I was fascinated by the contrast of presence and non-presence — and the outcome of each in the two experiences she described.

When she took the time to be present, even on a long drive on a major highway, she was able to fill her energy reserves.

And that allowed her to arrive fresh and ready to play.

But when she found herself in traffic and the worry set in, she was pulled out of the present and into future imaginings.

The end product was a system that lacked resilience. So a minor rear-ender stuck with her.

To shift this and release her pain, I guided her to ground and fill — an important component of the Soul Embodiment Process™ — so she could begin dropping back into herself.

Then I asked her to travel back to the impact to see what would happen if we could shift her level presence in that moment.

So she dropped into the sensation of driving in traffic. Except this time I asked her to feel the way she felt on the first drive, when she was so present and full of energy.

This was easy for her.

Then I asked her to let the memory camera roll, but this time to experience the accident from this new resilient place.

As she did, she said she could feel her neck and back soften during the impact. So her body was able to roll right on through without getting caught there at all.

She was astonished.

What’s even BETTER: It released the tightness from her back and neck in the current moment as well.

Her story is a huge reminder that presence applied to any moment can be a powerful agent for good.

It gives us resilience and energy. And it can help us clear up unpleasant side effects that can crop up as well.


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Suzanne Scurlock