October 2018 Newsletter

Reframing and Reclaiming

Life is full of change right now. From the political front to the deeply personal, so much is moving so quickly.

How then do we stay present when what we’re going through is anxiety-provoking — and maybe even disorienting?

Certainly we all face big life transitions that throw us for a loop: serious illness, the death of a loved one, marriage or divorce, children coming and going.

In my case I find myself newly divorced from Carlos after 32 years of marriage.

And as I’ve moved through this process over the past 9 months, I’ve found myself at both ends of the spectrum: Feeling relieved and free. And then questioning myself.

I’ve wondered everything from, “Did I do the right thing?” to “Why didn’t I do this years ago?”

The truth is, it’s human to want closure before moving on.

Yet no matter how much we may want it, the only closure we can truly count on comes from within — not from anyone else.

That’s why in times like these it helps to reframe our experience.

Then we can reclaim our Spirit and our power. And move forward feeling integrated.

This is the dance I’m engaged in at the moment.

Gathering the lessons and gems from this marriage …

What are the golden threads I can pull forward to remind me of all the good I received?

Only then can I gently release the experience. And step into the present moment of the next chapter of my life.

Since you’re a vital member of my community, you’re part of this transition, too.

Over time you’ll see my name change in various areas of my life as I release the “Durana” that served me well. And I reclaim my birth name, “Scurlock.”

This is a good change for me, and I suspect it is for Carlos as well.

We’re both moving on in positive ways.


Suzanne Scurlock-Durana's Signature

Suzanne Scurlock