June 2018 Newsletter

The Journey Home to Esalen and Beyond

It was Fourth of July 1993 when I first stepped foot on the land that is the Esalen Institute.

I was there as a guest of my friend Steve Harper. And in a way I never left.

Its sheer beauty rocked my world …

The mineral hot springs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The lush organic fruit and vegetable gardens.

The scent of the jasmine and rosemary that grew along the winding pathways.

And the warm community of people who were living and working there for the betterment of themselves … and of us.

It felt as though the land itself whispered to me that I must return.

And I have – again and again. Until it became my second home.

Even my children were welcomed into there each summer, where they made lifelong friends.

Beauty at Esalen.

That’s why I was heartbroken last year when Esalen was temporarily closed because of mudslides and road issues.

They re-opened in the fall. But it was too late to hold my annual classes there.

And I sorely missed it.

Now I’m overjoyed to return there for the entire month of July — and a week in August.

I’m teaching a 29-day course called Leadership and Presence.

It’s a homecoming that’s long overdue.

So, what am I up to until then?

Traveling the world … inside and out.

First I’m in the city of Guangzhou in southern China.

Then I’m off to Hong Kong followed by Sydney, Australia.

In each new city I’m teaching classes and getting in a bit of welcome playtime.

Yet on a deeper level, I’m making this summer a time of inner inquiry …

Inquiry into the nature of what it means to be fully present in each of these fascinating places.

Guilin sunrise over the Li river.

And into what presence looks like and feels like in the face of the challenges and the joys that come with every moment.

When my mind thinks it already knows what the next moment holds, it causes my presence to go to sleep in a way.

This brings on a kind of sleepwalking through life that deadens my senses — and my soul.

New experiences, languages, foods and people can certainly wake us up.

Yet the question remains: How do we meet the world?

With love and trust? Or with fear?

The answer to that defines what we truly perceive. No matter how far we travel.

This is why I’m inquiring and writing about my journey this summer.

All of it. The full spectrum of my experience.

Join me for the ride on my Presence Matters blog.

Let’s learn together.


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Suzanne Scurlock-Durana