July 2016 Newsletter

Summer Magic

The summer has moved into full swing here in Virginia with the lush, warm days, and only slightly cooler nights filled with the rhythmic peeper frog calls from the mud on the banks of the lake. So far 2016 has been about remembering and honoring my own personal magic. And the summer heat has caused it to blossom fully.

This past January, while teaching Release and Renewal in Sedona, AZ, I first heard the clear call to return to the magic that I felt growing up. As I sat on that potent circle of people all gathered to clear and open to what was theirs to do in the coming year I heard the words, “Reclaim your magic. Honor it. It is meant to be shared fully. Let go of those reins you are holding onto so tightly. Go for it!”

Magic for me is what happens through each of us when we let go of the “shoulds” in our lives and just let our life’s energy, our creativity and natural juice flow through. Everyone’s magic is unique.

In a way, you could say that I have spent the last 30 years helping people regain their own magic. I have studied and taught anatomy and physiology, CranioSacral therapy, energy work, and many other healing modalities – all in the spirit of helping myself and others to reclaim their own unique ability to live the fullest, most healthy and joyful lives they can.

After all the thousands of hours of study, teaching and practice, practice, practice, this year, the Universe has gently leaned into me, whispering in my ear, “Remember your magic. There is nothing to complete in order to step into it! All the studying and all the practice are only there to help you bring your unique gifts through to the world. Stop comparing yourself to others. Do what you do best. You know what that is because when it comes through it feels effortless.”

When I look back, I have slowly been stepping into this for years, and see that I could have done it more fully earlier in my career and life if I had trusted more deeply in my knowing, my magic.

We all receive this message throughout our lives – no one is left out. There is no special number to tell you when you deserve to step into your gifts. We can all come into our gifts more quickly, more gracefully if we have a practice each day that allows us to touch base within and we do it.

Hearing that mandate clearer each day is exciting and energizing! The timing is fortuitous – the vibrant energy of summer can bring it into fruition for anyone ready to step into their gifts, their magic. Are you ready?

And, Enjoy…

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana's Signature