June 2015 Newsletter

Using the Energy of Summersunflowers in field

The days here beside Lake Audubon have suddenly become warm and humid, signaling that summer is close. Ah…summer – when the heat of the sun is felt more potently than any other time of year. It catalyzes actions that just do not happen when cold prevails – from gardens and forests to animals and human growth. We wear less clothing and hopefully get outside in nature more frequently.

Internally, we are also catalyzed by the season. The heart’s inspiration can blossom with more ease during the summer months. Taking action on what you are learning has more energy behind it now than in any other season. I allow my schedule to be a little fuller at this time of year, so as to ride the energy of longer days and more warmth at all levels.

This is a time to reflect on who you are at a heart level. Do you listen to your heart’s inspiration or do you live from your To-Do lists and what you must accomplish to be successful? The heart registers how you are doing inside – the part of you that knows who and what really matters at a soul level.

I invite you to take some time now, slow down and tune into your inner wisdom. What do you feel inspired to create and live out this summer? It could be an inspiration to reconnect with friends, old and new. It could be to launch a venture or start a project you have been holding inwardly all winter. It could be that you just relax and enjoy more of the sweet quiet parts of your life. Take your time. Let it happen. And enjoy!

We have many fun opportunities for you this summer and early fall. Explore our Workshops to see if anything speaks to your heart and jump in if it does!

And, Enjoy!

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana's Signature